Head Injury Compensation Claims in Portsmouth

Head injuries can be complex and, at their most severe, can have a catastrophic effect on an individual’s life, changing it forever. We therefore strive to achieve an outcome that lets our clients rebuild their lives after suffering from a head injury in Portsmouth.

What to Do When Making a Claim for a Head Injury.

The first step in making a claim would be to contact Accident Claims Portsmouth and provide us with the details of how and where the head injury occurred and how severe the injuries are.

One of our expert solicitors will then assess your claim on its merits with the details you have provided. They will guide you on your prospects of success as well as make an estimate of the damages you could expect to receive.

We know every person claiming for a head injury has sensitivities and specific needs that are essential for their individual circumstances. Our solicitors are aware, having helped many people with serious injuries, of the physical, psychological, and emotional impact a head injury can have on the lives of those affected and their loved ones.

We will review your case for free, and will provide you with a full and honest assessment of your head injuries claim at the outset. Our experienced team of solicitors will keep you informed from day one.

Types of Head Injury

Head injuries are any trauma leading to an injury of the scalp, skull, or brain. Visible wounds are an indication of such an injury, but any forceful impact to the head should be investigated to determine if a brain injury has been sustained. Also, it should be monitored carefully, as symptoms can develop hours after the initial injury. There are three main types of head injury:

  • Concussion – the single most common and minor head injury. It is highly important to closely monitor symptoms of a concussion, as any deterioration in condition can signify compression on the brain and lead to a more severe brain injury.
  • Open – normally occurring after pressure or force is applied to the head strong enough to result in fracture or displacement of the skull.
  • Closed – an injury to the head in which the skull does not fracture.

Interim Compensation Payments 

Insurers can agree to give you part of your compensation settlement before the final judgement is reached. Interim Payments are available only when the other side has admitted liability but can be incredibly useful in, for example, paying for private medical treatments, paying for rehabilitation support and equipment, paying for adjustments to be made to accommodation, etc.

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