Accidents At Work in Portsmouth

The vast majority of workplaces are usually safe environments for people to work. However, accidents can happen – whether it be in an office, building site, shop floor or warehouse –and people can be injured as a result. If you have suffered from an accident at work in Portsmouth, our injury solicitors ** can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us on 02394 270 722^ to start your claim.

Everything You Need to Know About Claims for Accidents at Work

Employers have a duty to take reasonable care for your health and safety during your working hours. This duty extends to cover areas beyond your employer’s premises. Employers are also responsible for the actions or failures of their employees in the course of their employment, should this contribute to or result in an accident at work.

What is an Accident at Work?

An accident at work is when someone is injured, such as with a back injury, or becomes ill in their place of employment through no fault of their own. For example:

  • Slips, trips, and falls – due to wet floors, faulty apparatus or loose cables.
  • Long term illnesses – these could be physical illnesses, such as a repetitive strain injury, or psychological illnesses, such as work-related stress or depression.
  • Manual handling injuries – such as from performing heavy lifting.
  • Accidents occurring as a result of not being provided with adequate safety equipment.

When Can I Claim?

You are entitled to claim compensation for an accident at work in Portsmouth regardless of your employment status. Whether you were working full-time or part-time, a temporary worker, a self-employed contractor or if you were merely visiting a business when the accident occurred.

Many employees are apprehensive about claiming against their employer, as they fear it could have negative consequences for their employment. However, in reality, there is no need to worry. There are stringent laws in place to protect you, and employers don’t have a right to dismiss someone who is making a claim against them or to treat them unfairly in any way. In fact, employers are required by law to have Employers Liability insurance cover to protect people from incidents in the workplace. So in most workplace accident cases, the claim for compensation is brought against the employer’s insurance company directly and not the employer at all.

It is also important that the employer was at fault for the accident. If you are unsure who was at fault in causing the accident at work in Portsmouth, then speak to one of our experienced personal injury experts today.

There are strict time limits that apply when seeking to make a claim for an accident at work, and so it is essential that you speak to a solicitor ** as soon as possible to discuss your potential claim. If you fail to meet these time limits, then your case could be time-barred, so this is extremely critical.

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